Monday, 27 April 2009

Domestic Violence

It has been decided that a recently made advert highlighting the reality and something of the horror of domestic violence will not be shown in entirety on British television. The advert shows Keira Knightley anxiously returning home from work to a violent partner who goes on to beat her. It is quite shocking.

As Christians, what should we think of this?

Domestic violence is a horrible reality. According to women's aid, "At least 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence in their lifetime and between 1 in 8 and 1 in 10 women experience it annually.". I heard that now 1 in 6 men experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

But is showing this violence on TV going to change anything? Isn't there enough violence on TV, and could it stop before the violence and still have effect?

But then not showing reality doesn't make it go away, and you could argue that it may shock some into stopping. Or perhaps it will give someone suffering in domestic violence the push to speak up?

I don't know, what do you think? There's probably argument for showing sinful behaviour on TV when it's purpose is to highlight that it is wrong? But does the advert step over the line?

I've posted the advert below, but please don't watch it if violence is unhelpful for you (I think I am, sadly, quite desensitised).

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