Thursday, 7 August 2008

Cornhill Summer School

Most of you reading this will have heard of the Cornhill Training Course, in London. The course is (I speak not from experience, but from what I hear) an excellent resource, equipping Christian men to preach and men and women in teaching the Bible in youth/children's work, women's ministry and other contexts.

I had the privilege of being able to attend their yearly summer school for a week this summer to help me to handle the Bible better. It was a really great week, and I would definitely recommend it, should you be thinking of going next year.

The thrust of the week is not just in handling the Bible properly, but doing so in order to help us to pass it on better to others. So during the course we looked at some basic principles (taught be Edward Lobb, from the Glasgow Cornhill course), had introductions to the books of Luke (by Stuart Allen) and Deuteronomy (by Christopher Ash) and had an introduction to Old Testament Narrative (also by Christopher Ash). Each day ended with an 'exposition for expositors' (by Stuart Allen). As well as this, each day featured time in workshop groups, in which we each delivered a 5 minute 'gobbet' (a brief presentation on the context, content and implications of a given passage) and received helpful feedback. This was a really useful part of the summer school I thought, as Nigel Beynon lead a group of about 9 of us as we worked through and began to really get to grips with the book of Titus.

The conference definitely gave me a hunger to do the full course in the future - which I suppose means it was pretty good!

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