Tuesday, 4 March 2008

What is CU? (concluded!)

So this is my last post on What is CU? If you've had any thoughts about extra things that could be included, taken out or clarified that would be great. I've already had a bit of feedback which was tres helpful, but any more would be great. Either way, prayers that this would be a useful resource for keeping UMCU focussed on the important and amazing opportunity and task that it has in the future would be great!

So... what is a CU?

This all brings us nicely back to the beginning. What is a CU? What would be missing if all CU's were wiped from the face of the earth?

Hopefully by now you have seen that CU has one goal – a group of students lovingly and faithfully sharing the gospel with fellow students. This is what we are in a unique, strategic position to do. This is what we can do effectively, and what would (or should!) be missing if all CU’s were wiped from the face of the earth.

Your challenge, as the exec, is to help make this happen. You are the people with the responsibility of thinking for CU, making decisions on how to best reach this generation of students with the gospel of Christ. Go for it!

Leaders are readers

To help you this year as you serve God on exec, here are a few really fantastic books that will help you think more clearly about the task before you – I highly recommend them!

Know and Tell the Gospel, John Chapman, St Matthias Press (on what the gospel is, God’s part and our part in evangelism, and a training section to learn the ‘2 ways to live’ gospel outline)

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, J. I. Packer, IVP (on God's part and our part in evangelism – how prayer fits in, how to interpret responses, what to expect etc. - a really useful and encouraging read!)

From Cambridge to the World, Oliver R. Barclay and Robert M. Horn, IVP (looks at how the first cu came into being, as well as some of the battles that CU's have faced since they began – well worth it for 'an important model that Christian Unions... would be wise to copy: an uncompromising stand for the biblical gospel, a passionate commitment to evangelism, and a keen desire to proclaim it relevantly to each generation' – Vaughan Roberts)

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