Thursday, 6 March 2008

Praise God!

After the CU 'Grill-a-Christian' tonight, this happened! This is what it's all about...

"Tonight, I was sitting next to a man from somewhere in India, named X.
After the event ended officially, he and I were talking with another
man, Y (who had much to say about unitarianism, trinitarianism, New
Testament Greek and ancient Egyptian religions). At one point, Y
left in rather a hurry. I didn't understand why Y left, but X
said that he had ten minutes before he had to go. So we talked about
where he considered himself to be, faith-wise, and what questions he
had. His biggest question was, 'what is a Christian?' We visited
various parts of the Bible to explore the Gospel. Although X
previously understood parts of the Christian message (after attending
an Alpha course), he told me that he had never asked Jesus to be in
charge of his life. He was like the hearer who is not a doer in James
1:22-25. So we prayed together -- he and then I -- and X became a
Christian. Praise God."

Praise God indeed!

(italics = editted by me! I have taken out places and names... just incase!)