Saturday, 19 May 2012

Adoption and Fostering

A couple of months ago Cathy and I attended a session held by Krish Kandiah about adoption and fostering, and we were very excited about his new initiative. Check out the video below, and think about whether this is something you could go to, or if there's someone in your church who might want to go along.

The dates for the 6 sessions are:

  •  Tuesday, 19 June – Cardiff 
  • Wednesday, 20 June – Belfast 
  • Thursday, 21 June – Glasgow 
  • Tuesday, 26 June – Manchester 
  • Wednesday, 27 June – Birmingham 
  • Thursday, 28 June – London 
Click here to register.

1 comment:

B Eidson said...

I don't suppose that's Birmingham, AL, huh? I wish Claire and I could go (and swing by to see you two!).