Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Feb Prayer Update

I write this in the middle of a busy Oxford University Inter-Collegiate Christian Union mission week ('This is Jesus'), so I'll try my best to keep it brief, but it may be hard as there's so much going on!

This week

There's lots to be praying and praising God for this week. As some of you will know, Cathy and I are being CU guests ('CUGs') at Pembroke College. The college has significantly fewer Christians than average - there's only one fresher who's really involved in CU and so we rely heavily on her to get us in to hall for meals etc (pray for her in this - she's great!).

As the CU is small, it can be easy to worry that we'll have nothing to do. So far though, God's been very gracious in giving us opportunities. The  most exciting of these was last night, at the college bar, where we spent a long time chatting to A, who had lots of questions about Christianity and what we believe, and was very gentle in the way that he discussed things. Please pray for him - for more opportunities, and that he might come along to some of the events.

This afternoon, J came to the talk on (essentially) 'why doesn't God make himself clearer?'. He listened well and this evening Cathy and I are going for dinner with him, and another guy (S) who we met in college earlier in the week. Please pray for opportunities to chat over dinner, and that they might come to the evening talk tonight - the first talk this week by our main speaker, Tim Keller.

More widely, please keep praying for the mission. As of this morning, 2 people have become Christians and 10 signed up for follow up - praise God for that, but please pray for more fruit. Pray for boldness for the Christian students and the CUGs, and please pray for Mike Cain and Tim Keller as they speak. Pray for lasting fruit as a result of this mission.

Next week

Next Sunday evening I'm leading and speaking at our evening service. It's the second of Woody Road's 'prayer and praise' sessions, so please pray that I'd set the tone well and that God would guide me in knowing what to speak on and having something useful to say.

Week 3

Then the following week Cathy and I are heading up to Newcastle University to be CUGs for their mission week. Prayers are much the same as above (this time Cathy's supervisor from here in Oxford, MJ Axelson and her father, Roger Simpson will be the speakers), but there's possibility that I'll be giving a couple of talks at dinner parties that some students will be having with their friends. Please pray for me as I prep for those, and as I speak.

The following week will be March, so I'll hopefully write another update then!

Thank you all again for your prayers.

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