Thursday, 1 December 2011

December Prayer Update

Hello all!

I'm coming to the end of a really busy spell, which provides much to give thanks for and much to pray for too.

This Sunday I'm preaching at our evening service on Daniel 12. I've had a very busy week, and am currently feeling a bit underprepared - please pray for effective and efficient working, for me to get a good grasp of the text and to know how to effectively communicate and apply it to the people here at Woody Road.

On Tuesday I'm meant to be giving an evangelistic talk to my South Central Ministry Training Course workshop group. I've not yet had any time to work on that, and it'll probably be a last minute, Monday evening thing. Please pray that despite that, I would be able to give a decent enough talk to enable useful feedback.

Today I had an interview for a job for next year, and I've been offered a different job already. We should hear back from today's job in the next couple of weeks, and then Cathy and I need to sit down, pray and think about what we want to do over the next few years. So this month is a big month for decision making. Please thank God that some opportunities have opened themselves up, and please pray that we'd have wisdom and clarity on what would be best for us to be doing next. We're very much looking forward to when we've made a decision and don't need to think about it anymore!

Praise God that our homegroup seems to be going really well. People really seem to be opening up to each other, and there's a really great dynamic there, I think. Please pray that as I continue to lead the group, I'd lead in such a way as to foster the development of relationships, and that those relationships would be founded on the gospel, where we seek to build each other up.

Finally, praise God that we're going to get a bit of time off over Christmas. I'll be leading the carol service here at Woody Road - please pray that I'd be warm, jargon-free and would commend Jesus to people well. We're hoping to head up to Hartlepool for a few days, and then head down to Somerset to spend some time with Cathy's family. Please pray that the time would be really relaxing and refreshing for us, and that we'd be encouraging to and encouraged by those we spend time with. Pray for gospel opportunities with those we'll see who don't yet know the Lord.

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