Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sept/Oct Prayer Update

It feels like a long time since I last wrote one of these, and lots has happened in the interim! A wedding, honeymoon, Oak Hall trip, family service, Formation conference and evangelistic weekend are just some of the things that I've been up to. I couldn't possibly tell you about them all now, but if you're interested to find out about any of them, feel free to drop me an email or give me a ring!

I know that people receive lots of prayer letters, so I'm going to try to keep this relatively brief! Here goes:

Restarting Activities

The students coming back mark the start of lots of my work. Please pray for the weekly student gathering which I lead. I've spent a bit of time planning the activities for the year, so please pray that they'd be useful for the students and help them to fix their eyes more clearly on Christ.

Please also pray for one-to-ones. From the one-to-ones that I was doing last year, only one will continue into this year, so please pray that I'd know if/who I should do one-to-ones (with) this year. I'm not sure if

I'm allowed to mention prayer requests for Cathy here, but there's noone to stop me so I'll do it anyway! Muahaha. Cathy has recently started Relay and is already learning loads – please thank God for that, and pray that she would really get stuck in to the life of the CU here and that, in his grace, God would use her efforts for his glory. Please also make our financial situation a matter for prayer. So far God has graciously provided a little over £2000 of the £7000 that Cathy needs to raise for this year. Thankfully we've got my income to support us this year too, but things would be much less tight for us if we could raise a little bit more.

Cafe 360

Cathy and I are trying to do as much together as we can this year. Being involved in different ministry (with Cathy doing Relay and me doing the apprenticeship at Woody Road) could lead to us not having loads of time together, so please pray that that doesn't end up being the case.

One thing that we're hoping to do together is Cafe 360 (for me, this will be instead of being involved with the youth group, YL). Cafe 360 is an outreach to international students, ran by the Christian Union at the University (OICCU). We're going to aim to get alongside a small group of students, so that we can have them round for meals and invest in our friendship with them, and hopefully point them to Jesus. We've not been along to this yet (it will start up when term starts), but please pray that we'd quickly find some people to befriend, and that the Lord would use our friendship to win hearts to himself.


It's seems really early to be saying this, as I've only just started the second year of my apprenticeship, but at the moment Cathy and I have the exciting and slightly terrifying task of thinking through what we're going to be doing from next year. Deadlines for jobs etc are fairly soon, and we're exploring a couple of options. Please pray for wisdom in this, that we'll know both where our giftings would be best used, as well as where we'd receive the most helpful training and development for the future.

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