Tuesday, 5 April 2011

April Prayer Update

This past month has been fairly busy and i've had a bit of a cold throughout which hasn't helped matters (and of course this wasn't just a cold - it was probably life threatening. I am a man, after all!). In the midst of all the busyness, however, I've had a really encouraging month, in which i've done lots and learnt lots. So thanks again for your prayers throughout.

April is going to be a very different month! I head to the airport in 2 hours to fly to Kenya, where I'll be based for the next 13 days. I'd really value your prayers but don't have much time, so I'll have to be fairly brief...

As I mentioned previously, I'm travelling with a team of 7 others from the South Central Ministry Training Course (which I attend every Tuesday). A guy called Harrison had previously attended a similar course elsewhere in the UK, and on arriving back in Kenya he was convinced that a similar course would be useful to the Kenyan church. On the back of that, he set up the Nairobi Ministry Training Course. Instead of a one-day-per-week course over the course of the year, they have three intensive residential weeks. The team from SCMTC are going out to help on one of these.

Things to pray for:
- For us as a team. We don't know each other particularly well, so pray that we'd get on and that we'd be an encouragement to the apprentices out in Nairobi.
- For Andy, the pastor of Woodstock Road Baptist church, who's leading the team. He's doing a series of talks on Job, so please pray for those too.
- It's an intense programme - starting at 6:30am and running through to 9pm monday to friday. I've got a bit of a cold at the moment which has been gradually getting worse, so please pray that I'd get over that.
- I'm doing a talk on Nehemiah 3 at 6:30am one day - that should be interesting! Please pray that they (and I!!!) would stay awake for it, and that it would be useful. It doesn't seem very good at the moment, but please pray God would use it anyway, which he's more than capable of!

We get back on Tuesday the 19th. That Sunday I'm going over to Belfast for 5 days to recover! Please pray that I'd have a really good time with Cathy, that we'd be mutually encouraging and that as we continue to think about what married life will look like (particularly about how we will practically be a spiritual support to one another) that God would give us wisdom.

I'll be back from there on Friday 29th and back into normal life again!

As always, I love to hear from you all to know what I can pray for and how you're doing, so do get in touch!

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