Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Think about the people you are trying to reach with the gospel or would like to start reaching. Identify ideas (often very ordinary ideas) for building relationships with them, sharing the gospel message and introducing them to the network of believing relationships [this is the three-strand model of evangelism]. Introductions might involve nothing more sophisticated than inviting both Christian and non-Christian friends round for a meal or an evening out.

... not all of us are eloquent or engaging. Not everyone can think on their feet. Some people are simply not good at speaking to strangers or forming new friendships. One of the practical benefits of the three-strand model of evangelism is that it gives a role to all of God's people. By making evangelism a community project, it also takes seriously the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit in distributing a variety of gifts among his people.

Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, 'Total Church', page 59

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