Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Every single second

Apologies for my inexcusable silent spell! Here's a brief thought to break the silence.

My girlfriend Cathy was studying for a history exam in Queen's University's CS Lewis reading room. On the wall in the room is this quote:

"A single second of time lived contains more than can be recorded; therefore we know next to nothing about history."

Quite a timely little reminder when studying for a history exam!

The quote got me thinking. Think just how much happens in a second. Think about the millions of conversations taking place this second. Think about the incredible amount of processing power being used in computers across the world. Think about the number of chemical reactions taking place in stars across the universe. Think about the vast array of feelings being experienced by the billions of people across the earth. Think about how every single of the innumerable atoms across the universe has intricate and phenemonal things going on at a subatomic level.

Think about how little of this you can think about at any one time for any given second. It's incredible just how much goes on in a single second, and it makes me feel very small to think just how little I actually know. I could spend a lifetime studying a single second of history and not even scratch the surface of knowing what happened, never mind understanding it!

To think that God does understand all that goes on in every second of history, that he is sovereign over it, sustains it, and thought it up in the first place is pretty mind-blowing. And then to think that that very same God still cares about limited, fragile, sinful, somewhat-thick me is almost beyond belief. But the fact that he came to earth and died for me just shows that he really does - what an amazing God he is!

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