Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Reaction to suffering and persecution

I sometimes wonder how I would react in the face of intense persecution. When my life is at risk, when the lives of my friends and family are at risk, what would I do? Would I own Jesus as Lord then?

And I wonder that too in the face of suffering. Speaking in the abstract you can come up with a reasoned and even Biblical response. But when I am suffering, when I am scared and frail, will my reaction match that expectation?

The news about Matt Chandler's cancer is by no means new, but as the story unfolds, I think it is amazing, humbling and incredibly encouraging to see how he is dealing with his suffering as he leans on the sovereignty of God.

Click here for a link to an article in the secular press about Matt Chandler's struggle with cancer so far. Cancer is wrong - it's a result of the fall, and it was not in God's original design for the world. I can't presume to understand the plans of God, or to measure how much positive reaction and results make such an awful situation 'worth it'. There will no doubt be much more going on in this than I can see. But God is good and God is sovereign in this as he is in everything, so I can trust that he's got it sorted.

And what I can do is praise God and be thankful for some of the good that I've seen that has resulted from this awful situation, including the article above.

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Zac Wyse said...

That's a great article. I read it a few days ago and was also challenged by it.