Sunday, 1 November 2009


Why did God create sleeping?


Zac Wyse said...

The secret things belong to the Lord, my friend ;)
Human weakness, which requires sleep, reminds me that I'm not God. What are your ideas?

Jonathan said...

I was going to say the human weakness thing, but Zachary got there first.

Scott Thomson said...

Great minds and all that!

I like that as an explanation.

(I was, of course, modelling this fact in my bad English - saying 'sleeping' instead of 'sleep' - at such an early hour!)

Do we think that there was sleep before the fall? Is tiredness the result of the toil of work that comes as a result of the fall, or can you get tired from work without there being toil, just a nicer sort of tired?

peterdray said...

Check out :)

peterdray said...

think it swallowed the link. Google CJ Mahaney's talk 'sanctifying the ordinary' on sleep.

Scott Thomson said...

The link showed up fine - I'll have a listen. Thanks!

Have you read 'The Cross Centred Life', by C J Mahaney? I think it's a brilliant little book.