Monday, 12 October 2009


Laziness is a big problem for so many people (I place myself firmly within this category!).

Laziness has a very odd attraction. Why is it that we'd rather do something that culminates in nothing good - whether that be extra sleep (that we don't need!), a wasted half an hour on the internet or whatever it is you do to procrastinate - why do these things ever seem more appealing? We do them, then look back and are annoyed at ourselves that we haven't got the things done that we needed to get done. Looking back over these last few weeks I can see so many occasions when I have just wasted my time when I had so much more profitable things to do. It almost always ends in a feeling of guilt, or at least of disappointment. Not only that, but they rob true times of relaxation and leisure of enjoyment, as you don't feel you deserve them as you've not used the rest of your time properly.

There are some days when we feel really motivated - we make a list, do the list and feel good about it at the end of the day. To see that completely crossed out 'To Do' list is just bliss! You can sit down to a film and a glass of wine at the end of the day and enjoy it knowing that you've glorified God at least in part through living for him through your attitude to work that day. I started this paragraph with the intention of finishing it by saying how this is wrong as it's just self-righteousness, but I've changed my mind over three lines! How fickle! God made us to be people who work, and who to some extent are to find enjoyment and reward from work (in the context of that work coming from and being to the glory of its creator).

How is it that laziness traps us so often? You can look back and be annoyed at all those times you've fallen into the trap, and yet when the temptation comes along again, you fall right back into it. Why is laziness so appealing?

Yet the answer remains, as ever, the same. Jesus died for my laziness. He suffered the physical pain of the cross and the pain of the Father's wrath for my laziness. And so simply a feeling of guilt about it isn't the answer. That won't satisfy, that doesn't deal with the problem. The answer is to turn to Jesus, thank him for taking my laziness in his body on the cross and in gratitude come to tomorrow and live for him. Recognise his grace, recognise his Lordship and live for him, who wants my good.

I started this post after watching the first minute or two of this video of Joshua Harris and feeling very convicted. I've now watched it all and it is well worth a watch! Very challenging, as well as hilarious!

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