Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Acts 2:22-47

Been a while since I posted here!

I preached at church a couple of weeks ago on Acts 2:22-47. You can listen to it here. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Zac Wyse said...

how'd you feel that it went?

Scott Thomson said...

Hmm... that sounds ominous!

Yeah I think it was ok. I was very challenged as I looked through things as you know. I probably didn't give myself quite enough time to prepare so the delivery wasn't quite how it should have been, but in a sense that doesn't matter too much. I thought the stuff on the end of the chapter was a bit rushed too, but I was going for more of an overview so perhaps that wasn't such a bad thing.

Did you get chance to listen?

Scott Thomson said...

So I was talking to a friend about this and realised that this is actually only the second half of the sermon!

I'll see if the other half isn't lost and if not if it can somehow be added. :)