Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Jesus' Return

adrianwarnock.com: Its Time We Hungered For Jesus More - John Piper

I was just reading the above quote from John Piper on Adrian Warnock's blog and it prompted me to think about my attitude towards Jesus' return.

There are times when I deeply long for Jesus to return. In my gap year I worked in an orphanage for disabled children and adults. Seeing the suffering and injustice there made me long for the day when all suffering and injustice will cease. When life seems hard and it feels like lots of things are going against me, or when my faith seems weak and my eyes seem to be dimmed to the truth I long to see Him face to face and to have the joy of fellowship with Him. When I realise the abhorrence of my sin, how it destroys me and my relationships with people and God, and I struggle and fail to get rid of it from my life, I desperately ache for the time when there'll be no more sin.

So there are times when I can honestly cry 'Come, Lord Jesus'. But, I think that more of the time I don't want Jesus to return. With a family made up entirely of non-Christians, and lots of friends who don't know God then the thought of Jesus returning without them first giving their life to him terrifies me, and to be honest, I don't want the second coming to happen.

I'm not really sure what that says about me. Does it display an underlying lack of trust in the sovereignty of God in salvation? Or is it a right response?

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