Thursday, 5 March 2009

Real life

I loved university. So many things about it I look fondly back on. Living with Christians. Being involved in CU. Experiencing many new things. Lots more!

I could list many benefits of going to university. But one thing is for sure - it doesn't prepare you for real life!

I'm so tired! Optometry wasn't the least timetable intensive degree by any means (*cough* history *cough*)  - I probably did 20-30 hours per week. But compare that with the real world - a 40 hour working week, plus nearly two hours travelling per day, plus studying for exams in the evenings, plus doing things for church... university was a walk in the park!

Not that I'm complaining - I loved it! But I am tired now! 

P.S. I do wonder if my spectacles are a little rose-tinted... but allow me to rant just this once!


Nambo said...

OI!!!! Ok fair enough I did only have 6 hours a week but I think I make up for it now having 50+ hours and having to speak another language all the time!! I agree with u tho, university was awesome, especially around exam time when we went crazy and did 'the laugh' about every 5 minutes. nurrriiirghhh!

Rachel said...

I thoroughly echo your rant Scott Thomson! Being a grown-up is soo tiring!