Wednesday, 18 February 2009


One of the amazing things about being in a Baptist church is... baptisms! Of course there are annoying things too (as in any church), but I love baptisms!

On Sunday we had two baptisms at church. Both were incredibly exciting but one particularly so. (I'm going to change names because that's probably what your meant to do, right?)

David had been coming along to Kids' Cafe (our 5-11 kids club) for a few months, and had recently been coming to church on Sunday mornings. One week his little brother Jonathan decided that he too wanted to come along to Sunday school so their mum, Esther, was stuck with the job of bringing Jonathan for the first few weeks until he settled in (as he's only 5). At least that was the idea. Fortunately, God had another plan. 

From the first sermon Esther was hooked. She had realised for a long time that although she was happy in her family and with work, there must be something more. By coming along to church, she found out what the more was. A few sermons and a Christianity Explained course later, Esther had joined the kingdom, was welcomed into the family and is now serving God as she sees him at work in, through and around her... and she loves it!

And I love it too! It was just such a wonderful time to hear how God is still at work and rejoice in new life, whilst seeing loads of not-yet believing friends and family hearing the gospel. Praise God!

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Nambo said...

how exciting!!! I think i know who this is. thanks for the great post scott! I think it is one of the greatest pleasures of being a christian to see other people come to know God and grow in their faith. it's the most tangible way of seeing God at work! love ya scotty dude xx

nhuuuuuuuiiiiii!!(that was me doing 'the laugh')