Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Total Church

Here is an exciting quote from this month's issue of 'The Briefing'. Steve Timmis, co-author of 'Total Church', on what church is:

Churches—companies of God's people—are scattered throughout the nations as communities of light. I am particularly fond of this analogy because it is profoundly biblical: Israel was to be a light to the nations, Jesus fulfills that function because he is the light of the world, but his light shines as his people live under his rule. Church is that to which we can point and say, “This is what it means to live under the reign of King Jesus. This is the life that his death produces.”

I'm very excited to read the book!

This quote is part of a discussion between Steve Timmis, Tony Payne and Simon Flinders. You can read the full discussion here - it is probably useful to do so to understand the quote in context!.

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