Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Shining like Stars

At CU this evening we have Lindsay Brown (of IFES fame) coming to speak. During the meeting I am going to be reviewing his book 'Shining like Stars'. It'll be a little bizarre reviewing a book with the author sat infront of me, but never mind. Here's something like what I'm going to say:

Shining like stars is a really encouraging, excellent book. This book highlights that God isn't confined to work in England, but is in fact at work across the world in some amazing ways. The book tells the stories of students around the world who are living and speaking for Jesus, and seeing him work in amazing ways. Here at the University of Manchester we have the privilege of being surrounded by students from around the world, many of whom will return to their home countries. We have the opportunity then of sharing with them the gospel, with the possibility that they will go back and impact their countries with it. This book is definitely worth reading to remind ourselves of our God who is powerfully at work around the world, bringing people to know himself. It is inspirational to see students living and speaking for Jesus in cultures and political situations far more hostile than ours - it really makes you wake up and realise the fantastic opportunity that we have.


PostTenebrasLux said...

So, did it go as planned? :)

Scott said...

It did! It was probably better. I did it a bit more off the cuff, and by this time Lindsay had left, so it wasn't as weird.

I also plugged 'don't panic'.

Were you at CU tonight? Lindsay Brown was incredibly good. He's gonna come back next year if we invite him, as he had to leave early. I'll blog on what he said later (probably tomorrow).

PostTenebrasLux said...

wasn't there. was enjoying my monthly expense report instead - absolutely exhilarating! :)

opentoesandals said...

make sure you let the other CUs in Manchester know if Lindsay comes back (it would be *awesome* to get him to Salford and Bolton!)