Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Easter Plans

Inspired by Tim Sandell's post I thought I might post on my what my plans are for easter. Here are some highlights:

1. Cathy, my good friend from back home (Hartlepool) has been going to Sixth Form College these last two years in Dubai. I haven't seen her since last summer so it will be very exciting to spend this weekend with her as she does the University open days tour and calls in at Hartlepool! Wherever she ends up, I'm sure she will be a great blessing to the CU there - her passion for the gospel is very exciting!

2. I haven't been back home since Christmas (I think), so it will be good to see family and friends again. Lots of exciting things are happening at my home church at the moment. Hot Potatoes - the weekly lunch bar to the nearby sixth form students - has a regular crowd of around 30 not-yet-Christians; that thursday thing, the weekly youth group has a regular group of around 20-25 youths; kids cafe - the childrens event for 3-11 year olds - has a regular group of about 30; elmers patch - the mothers and toddlers group - is gradually growing and has a regular group coming along (not sure how many!). At all of the youth/children's stuff they are being introduced to the gospel... very exciting! So it will be good to be back to go along to some of these things and share in the excitement of being involved.

3. I'll be speaking at Hot Potatoes on 25th March on the evidence for the resurrection. Any suggestions on how to approach this are still greatly appreciated! I'll also be on the grill a Christian panel there the week after - 1st April.

4. I'm going to the Royal Exchange theatre sometime next week to see 'Jonah and Otto'. Should be an exciting play - I'll post something profound if I think of it... but probably not!

5. Last, but by no means least, there will be time to think about the cross and resurrection. Remembering all that Jesus took for me on the cross and what that meant, and remembering what the cross and resurrection means for mankind, for my life today and the future. Something that fills our mind and thrills our souls all the year round, but it's always good to have an excuse to remember it again, and hopefully to talk about it with others. Please pray that I would get chance to share the amazing news with my family, and that we all would use the opportunities that we have - particularly present at this time of year, but present all year round because we are commisioned and empowered with the Spirit with this privilege!

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