Wednesday, 27 February 2008

What is CU? cont...

(This part is beautifully stolen directly from the uccf website!)... looking at it there's more added - I can't remember doing that or where I stole it from (it looks very much stolen!) but I must have!

Our Values

If our aims are what we do, then the values are how we do it:

We are confident in the gospel:
The biblical gospel is at the heart of our identity. We are committed
to celebrating, uniting in, and sharing the liberating truth of the
gospel as summarized in our declaration of belief. The gospel (as
summarised by our declaration of belief) forms the core convictions
of a CU's life and ministry. The gospel is the basis of our unity,
the foundation of our ministry, the content of our message and the
fuel for our evangelism. Romans 1:16!!

We are urgent in evangelism:
We believe in relevant, engaging and persuasive proclamation of
gospel truth that speaks to students where they are. Christian Unions
are first and foremost missionary communities, with a vision for
students from all nations on our campuses and throughout the world.

are passionate about Christ crucified.
cross of Christ is at the heart of who we are and what we do. It is
the content of our message, the driving force behind our vision and
absolutely central to our mission.

We are committed to uniting Christians:
Christian Unions are mission teams of believers drawn from diverse
church backgrounds – charismatic, conservative, Baptist, etc. We
are committed to working together in gospel unity with a shared
vision, strategy and values.

We are committed to the local church: We promote involvement in the
local church as the lifelong and primary place of Christian
community, teaching, discipleship and pastoral care and involvement
in Christian Union as a short-term mission team on campus.

(to be continued...)

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